2016. július 2., szombat

Node and NPM "Pendrive" installation on windows

A quick guide for myself (and maybe someone else too) how to do the node.js working installation without the .msi installer.

  1. Download Node: https://nodejs.org/en/download/. Pick the binary distribution
  2. Copy the file wherever you want to. I will use the c:\programs\node location as an example below.
  3. Add your node folder to the PATH environmental variable (c:\programs\node in this example) unless you are truly about to do a pendrive install.
  4. Get npm source form here: https://github.com/npm/npm. Clone or download button, Download ZIP. Unzip it to some other location, i.e. c:\programs\npm
  5. Open CMD, go to the npm location and run node cli.js install npm -gf
  6. You should see npm.cmd and node_modules folder in the node directory now
  7. Verify the install by
    1. npm -v
    2. node -v