2019. november 9., szombat

LFTP job management

It is a bit different than default linux job management

Send job to background

putting a job into a background:

  • start in background mode, i.e. pget remotefile.big & OR
  • start normal mode, then press ctrl + Z

exit - detaches terminal from the session, disconnects from the server
exit - again, exits lftp and sends the job to background

... and get back to it later

ps aux | grep -v grep | grep lftp | awk '{print $1}'  - find the PID for the main lft session
lftp - start lftp
attach <PID> - attach to the terminal of the background session

some more useful commands

jobs - check the status of the running jobs
wait, fg - bring the job to the foreground
kill - kills a bg job, or all of them

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