2017. július 9., vasárnap

How to contribute to github projects?

Just another "note to self" type entry about open source contribution.
  1. Find a good, welcoming project i.e. here: http://up-for-grabs.net/#/
  2. Fork the GitHub repo (let's call it upstream repo from now on) to your local repositories: on GitHub, press the fork button. Now you have a copy of the source code
  3. Get the code down to your developer machine
    1. To obtain clone url, go to your repo's page on GitHub and click "clone or download"
    2. git clone https://github.com/vizmi/sequelize.git
  4. Now you have you nice, isolated copy of the original repo. Time to sync it up with the upstream repo
    1. Navigate to the original repo (there's a link to it under the project name)
    2. Get the clone url (click "clone or download")
    3. Set-Location .\sequelize\
    4. git remote -v show the currently configured remotes. Ideally you have 2, pointing to your own repo. We are about to add 2 more, with one single command
    5. remote add upstream https://github.com/sequelize/sequelize.git
  5. Time to sync the local repo to the upstream repo (to avoid merge conflicts later)
    1. git fetch upstream
    2. git checkout master
    3. git merge upstream/master

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